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Behind the doors of Spa Alana, you’ll find a tranquil sanctuary for a massage in Dana Point. Here, we encourage you to unplug from daily stressors and allow yourself some time to enjoy uninhibited self care.

Inside private rooms, natural aromas will dance around you, encompassing you with total relaxation. Our trained massage therapists will guide you into your session, practicing the best suited ritual for you.

We offer many massage techniques; from swedish massages to deep tissue massages. So, whether you’re looking for a more intense, ailment-aiding session, or something light to fit into your weekly routine for body balance, we have something to accommodate you.

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When it comes to prepping for your massage session, here’s what you can expect:

Open Communication...
Upon entering your assigned room, you will meet your massage therapist. Here, they’ll ask you some preliminary, straight-forward questions to best know how to treat you.

Some questions you can expect are:

  • What are your current stress levels like?
  • Do you have any physical ailments that should be known?
  • Are you taking any medications?
  • Is there a level of pressure you’re comfortable with? (Light, Medium, Deep)

Set Up + Settle In...
Once your massage therapist has gotten a feel for your history and present needs, they’ll go ahead and leave the room so you can remove your clothing. You can decide how much you’d like to remove during your session; either baring it all or leaving undergarments on, it’s your choice. If getting fully undressed is uncomfortable, don’t worry, the goal is to have a moment of stillness, not stress...Keep on what you’d like to.

Unwind + Relax...
During the session, it’s important to let loose and relax so that your massage therapist can best treat you. If you find yourself tensing up, it’ll be harder to massage most-needed areas; so try to breathe in/out and find a meditative, mindful state. If your massage therapist is massaging an area that is sensitive, or if they are using too much pressure, it’s completely okay (and definitely encouraged) for you to speak up and let them know to change course.

Continue Your Relaxation...
After your massage, your massage therapist will leave the room. It’ll be time for you to put your clothes on; you may feel a little light headed or in a completely relaxed, dream-like state at this point. This means the treatment worked! You’ll want to take your time in getting your clothes on and find your grounding. You’ll be offered water, which will help detox and replenish your body, so if you can, drink it up for glowing benefits.

If you’re wondering what the benefits of massage are, allow us:
There are myriad benefits of getting a massage on a semi-normal routine. For those that feel tension due to current times, massages can relieve stress and welcome a so badly needed release. Also, if you’re someone who is sitting at a desk most of the day, lower back pain is a ubiquitous side-effect, and a massage can help with this back pain. In fact, in studies, it’s been shown that 30% of people use massage as a form of pain relief.

Just know, a massage is good for the mind-body connection, and a massage is not only a luxury, it’s an extension of self-love.

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