Frequently Asked Questions for AnteAge.

Are Stem Cytokines safe to put on my skin?

Absolutely. Your body produces and utilizes the same bio-signal molecules for cellular communication every second of your life. Cytokines are abundant in healthy humans and are 100% natural. They are part of life itself. Indeed, life is impossible without them. In all clinical trials where cytokines have been put on human skin, there has been no reported adverse effects. We are unaware of any reported reactions to topically applied cytokines.

Where do the Stem Cytokines come from?

To produce Stem Cytokines, special types of mesenchymal stem cells are cultured in the laboratory, and coaxed into making more of these beneficial molecules. Clinical trials demonstrated that when applied to the skin, cytokines improve the appearance of the skin in consistent and predictable ways.

Are there any cells or cell parts in AnteAGE®?

No, only the bio-signals produced by the cells are used in AnteAGE®. The cells are discarded after culture.

Where do the stem cells come from?

The stem cells are obtained from healthy and closely monitored volunteer donors under rigorous FDA oversight. The same cells are provided to hospitals and research labs. Stem cell science is the new frontier in medicine, promising cures and treatments that would be considered science fiction just a couple decades ago. Curing diabetes, repairing spinal cord injury, treating heart attacks, restoring lost organs and body parts – these are areas of medicine where the promise of stem cells is bearing results in the laboratory and perhaps soon in the clinic.

Aren’t stem cells controversial?

The controversy of stem cells pertains only to use of cells from embryos – so called embryonic stem cells. Stem Cytokines are produced only from cultures of adult mesenchymal stem cells donated by healthy volunteers. Just as there is no ethical concern over storage of umbilical cord blood for the stem cells it contains, there is no concern over donated adult cells.

How quickly should I see improvements in my skin with AnteAGE®?

Visible improvement occurs for most users within the first two weeks, often within several days. Certain AnteAGE® ingredients promote visible changes rapidly, while others take more time. Expect to see progressive improvements in skin appearance over weeks and months.

What about using cosmetics or sunblock over AnteAGE®?

AnteAGE® should be applied over gently cleansed skin in the morning and evening. Cosmetics may be worn in normal fashion. Sunblock is strongly recommended if sun exposure is anticipated, with or without use of AnteAGE® .

Can AnteAGE® be used everywhere on the face? What about my eyes?

AnteAGE® can be used everywhere on the face and neck but like any skincare product, it should not be allowed to get directly into the eyes. Because AnteAGE® contains potent active ingredients, the eyelid area may be more sensitive. If irritation develops, reduce frequency of application to the eyelids or dilute with a little water to decrease potency until acclimated to the product.

If my skin is very dry or excessively oily, do I use AnteAGE® the same way?

Serum (Step 1) is used the same for all skin types. The accelerator (Step 2) has highly effective moisturizers some of which are lipids (fats/oils). This is extremely helpful for dry skin but may need to be reduced modestly for oily skin types. A little trial and error will make it easy to find what works best for your skin type. Within a few weeks, differences in skin type become less of an issue.

What do I do if I have a problem with AnteAGE®, whom do I call, and can I return it?

If you have questions or concerns, call 877 350-6350 (toll free) to speak to a Cellese representative or send us an email. We are fully committed to your satisfaction. We stand behind the product 100%. If you are dissatisfied with AnteAGE® for any reason, you may return it within 30 days of purchase for a full no questions asked refund.

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