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Recently celebrating its 20 year anniversary, Jan Marini is a leader and innovator in the field of skin care.

  Constantly expanding its product lines and improving its formulas to deliver unparalleled dermatologic and cosmetic benefits, Jan Marini is dedicated to providing noticeable results for its valued customers.


Skin care by Alana is proud to offer the full line of products from Jan Marini!  We have thousands of satisfied customers, and free shipping on orders $25 or more.  We strive to be the best play to buy Jan Marini’s amazing line of products online.

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Jan Marini provides the highest quality products for both home care and professional skin care treatments.  Using only the best ingredients, Jan Marini makes potent products that yield visible results fast.


Including a full line of skink are products, Jan Marini makes everything from sun protectants to anti-aging serums.  No matter your skin concern or your goals, Jan Marini offers the perfect regimen for your unique complexion.


Each Jan Marini product does more than just address your current problems.  Instead, each offering provides active ingredients that prevent future problems and maintain a healthy complexion.  Whether you’re a teenager dealing with acne or a menopausal woman dealing with aging skin, Jan Marini will help you look and feel beautiful.  It is a comprehensive skin care line that works from the inside out to benefit all types of skin.


Jan Marini is about results!  Each Jan Marini product is specifically formulated and designed to provide unmatched results.  The products are made and manufactured at the highest standard to yield unparalleled results.  


Skin Care by Alana is excited to offer you one of the most respected names in skin care, Jan Marini.  The innovative line represents what Skin Care by Alana is all about - the quality, health, and vitality of your skin.


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Jan Marini Skin Care