Image Skincare Conceal Flawless Foundation SPF 30 1oz / 30ml

Image Skincare Conceal Flawless Foundation SPF 30 1oz / 30ml

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This foundation spf 30 was designed to heal and protect your skin from exposure to environmental elements, especially the damaging rays of the sun.

Product Description

Product Description:

Image Skincare Conceal Flawless Foundation contains an SPF of 30. This is a lightweight foundation that is smooth on the skin. It’s water-resistant, and it comes in six flawless shades. The foundation works to illuminate your skin and correct its flaws. It contains ingredients that protect the skin from the effects of aging. These botanical ingredients also nourish the skin, and they keep it looking and feeling healthy.

You can order this revolutionary i conceal flawless foundation spf 30 in one of six hues. The Porcelain, Natural, and Beige varieties are ideal for those with light skin tones. The Suede, Toffee, and Mocha shades are perfect for people with medium to dark complexions. Because of the unique formula from which this foundation is based, coverage is always perfect. The product feels light instead of heavy, and it looks natural instead of artificial. The foundation conceals irregularities and enhances the beauty of your skin, so all you see is a gorgeous skin tone.  

How to Use This Foundation:

Start with a drop or two and see how smoothly the foundation covers your skin. You can apply more of the product as desired. With clean fingertips, apply the foundation to skin that has been freshly cleansed. You may then apply your other makeup products as you would usually use them. This foundation provides an ideal base for other makeup.

Experience the Difference:

Once you use this product, you may never wish to use another type of foundation on your face. Coverage is mineral-based, which means the result is lovely skin that looks illuminated. You may also use this foundation on skin that has recently been treated for various skin conditions. After a single application, you will notice a remarkable improvement in the tone and overall balance of your skin. Whether you have skin with rosacea, age spots, hyperpigmentation, or acne scars, you will appreciate the effectiveness of this unique foundation.