Epicuren Apricot Creme Cleanser

Epicuren Apricot Cream Cleanser

Item#: EPI-C130-16

- Gentle yet effective nourishing cleanser that safely removes make-up, dirt, and oil.
- Smooth and cream cleanser, thin to moderate consistency. Has mild Apricot scent.
- Recommended For: Dry, Mature, Sensitive or Combination skin types.

Product Description

Skin Care by Alana Esthetician Summary

-Smooth and cream cleanser, thin to moderate consistency
-Gentle yet effective, safely removes make-up, dirt, oil
-Leaves no residue, leaves skin clean A mild apricot scent

Skin Type Recommendations

-Dry, mature dry, sensitive (rosacia, etc.) or combination
-Best to use in morning for combination skin Not recommended for acneic skin