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Femme fatale is a French Term referring to an attractive, seductive woman who is sure to bring disaster to any man with whom she becomes involved.  Her powers of temptation are overwhelming, must like the delectably fragrant scents of the Tokyo Milk Femme Fatal Parfums.  Featuring dark, seductive notes that will intoxicate members of the opposite sex, Tokyo Milk Femme Fatal Parfums overwhelm the senses with delicious, irresistible aromas.

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Featuring eight intricate blends that reflect the seductive power of all women, Tokyo Milk Femme Fatal Parfums hold in a bottle what previously couldn’t be made tangible - allure, sexiness, and seductive power.  Although you probably aren’t hoping to be the downfall of any man, you won’t mind the sexual innuendo that Tokyo Milk Femme Fatal Parfums provide.


Described as sensuous, sumptuous, and not for the faint of heart, Tokyo Milk Femme Fatal Parfums feature a striking black package with a deign unique to each fragrance.  With names like Tainted Love and Arsenic, it’s no wonder the package resembles the dark arts.  These fragrances will cast a spell on your senses, irresistibly tangling your suitors in a web of seduction.  


Each formula is distinct.  While Bittersweet Parfum has notes of cake, cacao beans, and osmanthus, Arsenic Parfum No. 17 features of abinthe, vanilla salt, and fennel.  With ten amazing options, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect scent to complement your au natural aroma. 


Take a bold step, and start enjoying the benefits of these spell-casting fragrances.  Tokyo Milk Femme Fatal Parfums come in 1oz custom bottles, plenty of perfume to keep the object of your desire spellbound with your beauty. 


At only $36, there’s no reason not to try Tokyo Milk Femme Fatal Parfums!  These affordable options are offered at a fraction of their department store competitors, so you don’t have to spend a bundle to enjoy their benefits.


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