Tokyo Milk Perfume

 Tokyo Milk Perfume

Gorgeous & Giftable

Beloved by Oprah, The Cottage Greenhouse, Lollia, Tokyo Milk, and Library of Flowers offer gorgeous and giftable products that fly off the shelves!

Holiday Shopping Tip: Get yours before they’re gone, and give us a call to ensure your favorites are in stock!

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Toyko Milk Perfume


Take a journey into the looking glass with TokyoMilk. The complete line of products includes soaps, lip balms, candles, bath treatments and more.

Each of TokyoMilk's handcrafted fragrances features daring, delectable scents in evocative, edgy packaging. The brand truly represents the uncommon. From perfectly paired aromatic notes in the Eau de Parfums to the edgy designs of its evocative cosmetics bags, you'll be forever surprised and compelled by the delight that is TokyoMilk.

The real beauty of TokyoMilk lies in its quality. As if the gorgeous packages weren't enough, the brand offers a high quality line of skincare products that nourish the skin, perfumes that awaken the senses and treatments that both beautify and enhance epidermal health.

An edgy line of products, TokyoMilk pushes the boundaries of traditional design, creating an inebriating sensory experience with a purpose. Indulge in the Bon Bon Lip Balms as each features a nourishing formula and delectable flavor. And clean up with one of its fine soaps, featuring the birds, the bees, milk and honey. Create a spa-like environment with one of TokyoMilk's travel candles. And then indulge in a rejuvenating bubble bath courtesy of one of its unique bath formulas.

Indulge in TokyoMilk. While the containers are so you beautiful that you won't want to disturb them, your skin and senses will be glad you did.