Beauty Tools

 Beauty Tools

Beauty Tools

From curling irons to cleansing systems to laser hair removal treatments - my picks for Beauty Devices will allow you to shop the best of the best in beauty devices with ease.

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About Clarisonic

Clarisonic’s Sonic Cleansing is an important procedure in maintaining healthy and clean skin. It is trusted by aestheticians and dermatologists for cleaning and revitalizing the skin. Get visible deep pore cleansing with Clarisonic pro and feel you skin breathe freely. Clarisonic opal provides you with effective results like radiant, clean, and beautiful skin which is healthy. Clarisonic mia 2 Sonic Cleansing provides a more effective cleaning as compared to manual cleansing and six times more removal of makeup as compared to manual cleansing. It also offers a higher percentage of absorption of Vitamin C after its use comparatively. Clarisonic pro is the natural and gentle way to clean all types of skin including sensitive skin and skin with conditions like acne and dermatitis. Clarisonic mia 2 micro massage action is gentle and effective without usage of harsh chemicals. If your skin is not cleansed in a proper way, dirt accumulates and clogs the pores. This clogging does not allow the skin to absorb the moisturizers well.

About TRIA

Light-based skincare is a revolutionary approach for delivering clinically proven efficacy that can free you from ineffective skincare regimens and harsh topical treatments. Light gently interacts below the skin’s surface and promises glowing results of beautiful, smooth, healthy skin. Inspired by professional treatments, TRIA brings the same technology used by dermatologists into the home, empowering you to enjoy the breakthrough benefits of light-based skincare for the first time.

About NuFace

It’s called “saggy skin” for a reason. As we age, the muscles of the face become weaker and slacker, and the skin less elastic. No matter how much effort we put into our facial skin care regimen, there is no way to avoid the visible signs of stress and aging on our face – wrinkles, slack, tired eyes or jowly jaw. It’s inevitable. You’re forced to just live with your aging face or think surgery. This is not acceptable, and is the whole reason NuFACE was developed.

About Bio Ionic

Bio Ionic’s salon-exclusive, professional tools, haircare and straightening treatments contain a patented mineral blend called NanoIonic Complex that emits Natural Negative Ions & Far Infrared energy, which break-down water molecules for smooth, shiny & conditioned hair. Bio Ionic haircare products contain NanoIonic™ Complex (a blend of 32 natural-occurring minerals) that emits Natural Negative Ions into the hair.


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