Item#: PEC-L1706

ReFa CARAT replicates the massaging motion of a professional esthetician, stimulating circulation and reviving the skin with tiny electric currents.

Product Description

Product Description

Designed to duplicate the gentle pinch and massage of a professional esthetician’s facial, ReFa CARAT is a relaxing sensory experience that will remind you of a day at the spa.  At the same time, the powerful skin rejuvenator revitalizes the skin, improving electric currents in the dermis and epidermis to boost circulation and improve cellular metabolism.  So while you’re enjoying the massage-like motions of ReFa CARAT, you’ll be gaining anti-aging benefits for a firmer complexion with a more youthful luster.  


ReFa CARAT stimulates the skin and facial muscles, improving circulation for incredible dermatologic and aesthetic results.  


Recommended Skin Types

ReFa CARAT is recommended for all skin types, tones, and conditions.  It is especially suited to treat aging skin and revitalize tired skin in need of rejuvenation.


  • Firms loose skin around the jaw line, providing a firmer complexion and accentuating facial contours for a younger look
  • Revives the skin all over the face for a youthful luster and glow
  • Works on tired and loose skin under the arms for a firmer complexion that is taut and youthful
  • Firms and tones the skin around the waist without even having to do a sirup
  • Tightens the skin on the inner thighs for improved vibrance and a better bikini appearance
  • Tightens chicken skin and loose areas under the chin for a younger look
  • Treats the delicate skin of the chest to reduce leather thick areas and promote a healthy, vibrant look

How to Apply

Simply glide ReFa CARAT over the entire face, focusing on affected area for as long as desired.  You’ll want to use ReFa CARAT over and over again, and you can!
  • ReFa CARAT can also be used to rejuvenate the skin all over the body.  Use it on your back, chest, shoulders, and more!  Wherever you use it, you’ll notice more vibrant skin with an improved luster.
  • It’s waterproof, so bring it into the shower or bath for a relaxing, skin-stimulating experience.