Medik8 Red Alert Cleanse 5.1oz

Medik8 Red Alert Cleanse 5.1oz

Item#: MD76813
Medik8 Red Alert Cleanse is Medik8's first ever dedicated cleanser for skin with broken capiliaries, hypersensitivity and redness. Designed to be used in combination with other Red Alert products, this unique cleanser formulation with patented Teprenone, Vitamin K1 and calming organic orange oil will not only soothe the skin, but cleanse deep within the pores removing impurities and make-up.

Product Description

Products Description

The Medik8 Red Alert Cleanse is specially designed and formulated with incredible ingredients such as Teprenone, Vitmain K1, and Orange Oil in order to provide a gentle and safe cleanser for sensitive skin types that suffer from broken capillaries, hypersensitivity, and/or redness. Skin types such as these call for unique and gentle skincare products that will not cause any reactions or redness. Medik8 Red Alert Cleanse, therefore, not only cleanses the skin of any dirt, build up, or makeup, but also does so with gentle, soothing, and hypoallergenic ingredients that work to balance the skin. This cleanser is specifically made for sensitive skin types and works well with other Medik8 Red Alert products, such as the Red Alert Serum.

Recommended Skin Type

This particular Medik8 Cleanser is made specifically for sensitive skin types that suffer from either broken capillaries, hypersensitivity, and/or redness.


  • Teprenone helps reduce sensitivity of the skin, maintains skin health, reduces the effect on skin from biological skin-stressors, and blocks the release of pro-inflammatory stimuli.
  • Vitamin K1 works to repair damaged capillaries therefore reduces skin redness.
  • Organic Orange Oil contains soothing properties for the skin and can calm sensitive or reactive skin types while cleansing any impurities, such as dirt or makeup, from the skin.
  • Cleanser foams in order to allow for a gentler and less abrasive application by eliminating the need for forceful scrubbing.

How To Use

To apply Medik8 Red Alert, simply pump a small amount of the product into your hands. Continue to gently message the cleanser onto moistened skin. Make sure to cover face and neck areas while avoided any contact with eyes. Gently rinse the cleanser off with tepid water and finally, pat face and neck dry. Apply cleanser twice daily. The Medik8 Red Alert Cleanse is suggested to be used with Medik8 Red Alert Serum followed by a Medik8 Hydrator.

Key Ingredients

  • Teprenone: apatented anti-redness active ingredient excelling at prevention and reduction of skin hypersensitivity; also proven to extend the number of times a cell can divide making it beneficial pre & post peel
  • Vitamin K2: helps strengthen the capillary wall at the site of damage, which in turn reduces the appearance of skin redness

  • Organic Sweet Orange Oil: has soothing and anti- inflammatory properties to help keep skin calm and comfortable