June Jacobs Redness Diffusing Masque 4oz

June Jacobs Redness Diffusing Masque 4oz

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Perfect to reduce redness, soothe inflammation, and heal damaged skin, June Jacobs Redness Diffusing Masque penetrates the skin for an amazing complexion that feels and looks gorgeous.

Product Description

Product Description

Reduce redness and sooth irritation with June Jacobs Redness Diffusing Masque!

Perfect for those who suffer from irritated skin or deal with dry, cracked, and damaged skin, June Jacobs Redness Diffusing Masque soothes and calms the skin while boosting the healing process for fast recovery and a healthy, clean complexion.

Recommended Skin Types

June Jacobs Redness Diffusing Masque is recommended for redness, inflammation, and irritation, including the treatment of wounds and damaged skin.


  • Reduces redness and swelling for a cleaner, fresher complexion
  • Soothes inflammation while boosting the skin’s natural healing process
  • Calms the skin for a fresh, clean feeling with less pain and itching
  • Speeds recovery of wounds and other skina elements

How to Apply

First, cleanse the skin.  Then apply June Jacobs Redness Diffusing Masque generously over the surface of the face, neck, and décolleté with fingertips or a masque brush.  Allow to penetrate the skin for 5-10 minutes before rinsing clean and patting dry.  Follow up with your regular June Jacobs toners, serums, moisturizers and SPF protection.


  • Jojoba sed oil - rich in vitamin E to moisturize the skin while providing antioxidant protection; fatty acids fortify the skin’s natural barriers to improve resilience and reduce trans-epidermal water loss
  • Calendula extract - kills bacteria and fungi, reduces inflammation, and neutralizes viruses; contains omega-6 fatty acids to enhance the skin’s natural barriers; improves cell growth
  • Rose extract - rich in antioxidants to protect the skin; reduces inflammation and redness; contains vitamins to nourish the skin and improve the healing process
  • Witch hazel extract - reduces inflammation, revives dull/tired skin, and boosts the skin’s natural healing process
  • Lavender extract - contains linalool to kill bacteria and inhibit inflammation
  • Arnica extract - further reduces inflammation; aids in healing damaged skin and speeding the recovery of wounds
  • Cucumber extract - tones the skin, kills bacteria; soothes irritation and itching