Ling Skincare Oxygen Plasma Potion 1oz

Ling Skincare Oxygen Plasma Potion 1oz

Item#: ling_skincare_oxygen_plasma_potion

Ling Skincare Oxygen Plasma Potion helps immerse the skin in nourishing it and replenishing dry tired skin.

Product Description

Product Description

Wake up dull tired skin with Ling Skincare Oxygen Plasma Potion. Oxygen Plasma wakes up dull tired skin uncovering fresh new skin.  Dull skin is banished as the skin is awakened to reveal a more glowing complexion.  Acne prone skin is nourished and replaced with healthy calm skin and reduced acne. Tired Skin is energized enough to uncover a fresh radiant and healthy skin tone.   Irritation and inflammation are effectively quelled leaving a healthier more vibrant complexion in its place.  Say yes to glowing healthy skin with Ling Skincare Oxygen Plasma Potion.

Suitable for Dull, Tired, and Acne Prone Skin


  • Wakes up Dull Tired Skin Revealing a more Glowing Healthy Complexion
  • Perfluorodecalin Oxygenating Molecule Instantly Revives Dry Tired Skin
  • Glowing Healthy Skin is Immediately Revived 
  • Healthy Skin Tone is Restored
  • Smokers can Receive Restoration and Nourishment with Boosting a Healthy Glow
  • Dull Tired Skin is Replenished Revealing Bright Colorful Skin
  • Acne is Reduced and Soothed, Calming the Complexion
  • Nourishes and Replenishes
  • Restores and Revitalizes
  • Soothes Inflammation and Restores Health and Radiance
  • Increases Oxygen Levels in the Skin Restoring Health and Wellness
  • Dull Skin Become Soft Supple and Radiant
  • Acne Breakouts are Diminished
  • Tired Skin is Energized and Awakened
  • Healthy Skin Cell Turnover is Stimulated
  • Penetrates Beneath Surface Levels of the Skin
  • Boosts Nutrition and the Health of the Skin

Directions for Use

Begin by applying Oxygen Plasma Potion on clean skin.  Work the potion all over the face and allow it to completely absorb.  Use the potion both day and night.  For optimal results, follow with Ling's 5-step skincare system.  Use of the potion instantly wakes up dry tired dull skin, replacing it with a more energized and radiant complexion.