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Dermaquest skin care was founded with the ideal to serve the beauty and the health of the skin with well examined, studied and scientifically tested for their efficiency elements that were primarily selected for their potency to treat specialized skins’ requirements.

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DermaQuest skin therapy is one of leading companies in the field of cosmetics and beauty that every year supplies the market with new innovating and highly developed skin care products. It has been established in the market for its commitment in delivering products that specialize in providing immense and effective results through potent formulas particularly designed to respond to each separate and unique skin’s requirement. At DermaQuest skin care, the products are all paraben-free and precisely formulated to achieve only the most optimal skin care items. They use only ingredients that have been proven to be effective in their own laboratory.

The company launched its operation in 1999 by the remarkable and well-known chemist Sam Dhatt, who remains up to these days, president and CEO of this successful company. Dhatt’s philosophy was to create skincare products that would be able to provide competent, long lasting results and victorious responses to every type and need of the skin.

In order to achieve his goal, Dhatt created a highly scientific researching team, which was in charge of processing high in quality and efficiency ingredients. All of the products that DermaQuest carriers are developed, manufactured, tested, and distributed from a single location in Northern California, enabling them to control all aspects of their skin care line ensuring they retain their integrity.


DermaQuest products like the dermaquest peptide mobilizer exquisitely manage to combine all the new innovations that derive from the clinical research with the latest technology’s methods and ways. This is the main concept of the company that many years now supplies professional aestheticians, physicians and other cosmetic companies with special formulated products that cover all types of needs for the skin. Dermaquest’s role is not limited only in the manufacturing of skincare products but its great contribution in cosmetics is also continuously reminded since it provides constant education on the subject of new skincare lines, practices and developments to all professionals in the field.

You can expect to see and feel the amazing results of these high-caliber products, and DermaQues skin caret is committed to your satisfaction. Their philosophy of skin care therapy is to provide you with maximum long-lasting effects, without discomfort or irritation. They take great care to ensure that all of their products are focused on optimizing the finished product...your skin. Their three step approach to skin care is the driving force behind their view on maintaining beautiful skin: Step 1: Prepare the skin for professional treatment by hydrating, healing, and protecting, Step 2: Professional analysis of the individual’s skin to achieve positive treatments, and Step 3: A daily skin care routine using products prescribed professionally to produce excellent long-term results. The dermaquest zinclear and dermaquest advanced b5 serum are two of my favorite dermaquest products. Dermaquest skin therapy also makes makeup called dermaquest makeup, that is good for your skin. We have also noticed recently that Dermaquest has gained international popularity. Countries like Australia, England, Europe and Canada are starting to really seek after this amazing brand!

You can order DermaQuest skin care products online anytime or call Skin Care by Alana, in Orange County, CA, to speak with a live esthetician. We are happy to provide you with a complimentary consultation or help you with ordering information. Skin Care by Alana is one of the largest retailers for the DermaQuest product line. We have years of experience selling products across the United States as well as to local spa clients- contact us today! Looking for an Dermaquest Distributor? Look no further!



Dermaquest Skin Therapy

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