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King of the skincare industry for over 25 years, Dermalogica is known for their longevity in creating innovative and effective skincare products and ingredients. It is clear that Dermalogica exists in a state that is unlike any other, as it strives to reach a level higher than its competitors no matter what the circumstance, so if you want to obtain professional grade skin therapy, purchase your Dermalogica products From

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According to the vast number of reviews that exist from both customers and therapists alike, it is easy to see why is one of the front runners in the skincare industry. It is a favorite of spas and dermatologists worldwide and it is widely believed that it provides the most top-notch ingredients and professionally developed technologies. Alongside containing these crucial aspects of skincare production, Dermalogica is also said to contain one of the widest selections of skin concerns worldwide that can essentially provide a solution to any health problem that an individual may have. Many skincare professionals such as Craig A. Kraffert and Ashley Fowler assure you that Dermalogica products provide the best service and the most in-depth knowledge of skin health in general which has earned them the Bizrate “Circle of Excellence Award” yet another year in a row.


Dermalogica provides some of the most effective and dependable skincare products on the market that are targeted at perhaps the widest range of skin health issues out there today. From acne to aging, Dermalogica offers solutions to nearly any health concern you may have. Check out their cleansers, exfoliants, anti-aging kits, eye treatments, concentrated boosters, masques, moisturizers, and any other products you may need to suit your skincare needs. Dermalogica assures you that they have the widest selection and the most customer friendly products that will leave your skin fresh and rejuvenated.




Jane Wurwand is a well established skin therapist from the United Kingdom. When she moved to the United States, Jane noticed that unlike the educational system governing skin therapy in England, the Untied States did not have an established graduate program for the esthetician industry. She believed that the American students becoming licensed estheticians still lacked the advanced knowledge, training, and respect of the skin therapist coming out of Europe. Wurwand believed she could establish a graduate skin therapy educational institution, which would provide the American students with the advanced training they needed to compete in the world skin care market. It was with this ideology that she opened The International Dermal Institution, or IDI. The International Dermal Institution has quickly grown to great prominence, and its 37 global locations are considered to be bench marks of excellence for the world’s postgraduate skin and body therapy.


Throughout her educational experience, Wurwand soon found the professional products being used were substandard. Jane believed that skin care products should be focused on increasing the overall health of the skin, not just as a cover up used to beautify the skin. As a woman of action she began designing her own product line that would be free of irritants and ingredients which may lead to acne of other unwanted skin conditions. By removing things like, lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oils, and artificial colorings and scents, her new products were designed to heal the skin and increase the skin health, not cover up and conceal. Believing nothing is insignificant, Wurwand even designed the packaging to be simple and informative, to exemplify her beliefs and products focus on what she refers to as, a high level of skin fitness not a beauty product.


Dermalogica professional products are very effective, and many people see results with the very first application. Even one treatment can leave the skin feeling, cleaner, smoother, and more hydrated, leading to noticeable differences. For more advanced skin conditions such as advanced skin aging, severe acne, or hyper-pigmentation, results may take a continued and focused skincare regimen. These advanced regimens are professionally created for each clients specific needs, by a certified Dermalogica skin care therapists, through their patented “facemapping” technique, and zone-by-zone prescription home regimen. Though Dermalogica's focus remains on skin health, they also offer hair care products and cosmetics. Their cosmetics are oil-free, water based formulas designed to moisturize and provide antioxidants which help skin health and as a solid foundation. Their hair care products contain clarifying extracts which purify and remove excess oils to clean hair and are created to promote hair and scalp health.


Dermalogica products are all made in a Southern Californian manufacturing plant close to their administrative headquarters to ensure a strict quality control and oversight. Dermalogica products have never been tested on animals, and are only sold by professional skin consultants, and through professional skincare institutions. Dermalogica products are professional products designed and created by the world’s leading skin care therapists.



Dermalogica Skin Care

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