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CV Skinlabs is a natural and organic collection of luxuriously soothing and clinically proven formulas that nurture and repair skin. Each product delivers outstanding beauty benefits and proven results, with an unprecedented, new standard of safety, every step of the way.

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Our range of carefully formulated products can be used with peace of mind by all—particularly by those with sensitive or compromised skin, chemical sensitivities, or conditions such as eczema and chronic dryness, to name a few.

  • We help restore skin to its healthy, radiant best, with renewed softness, suppleness and a youthful glow.
  • We insist on the utmost in safety, by toxicologically examining and screening all ingredients for
  • any link to irritation, cancer or hormone disruption, and by conducting results-driven, rigorous clinical testing.
  • We adhere to strict formula safety guidelines and standards, making sure not to use any ingredients from an extensive list of potentially harmful thickeners, preservatives and aesthetic enhancers, often found in conventional skin care products.

Our goal is to always deliver beauty and safety, without compromise. CV Skinlabs was created by safe cosmetic expert and author, Britta Aragon, who after failing to find safe, nourishing skin care products to soothe her own and her father’s troubled skin during cancer treatments, developed a skincare line for anyone seeking safe solutions to repair and restore radiance and luminosity to sensitive skin.


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