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Tokyo Milk Hand Cremes are sensuous balms that infuse the skin with moisture and nutrients, restoring damaged skin and rejuvenating the complexion for a silky-smooth feel and vibrant look.  You’ll love the way it feels when you massage it into your fingers, and you’ll also relish the decadent scent when you open up the bottle.  Tokyo Milk Hand Cremes provide a unique sensory experience while nourishing your skin for improved health.

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Are you curious?  Skin Care by Alana was.  So we tried it out, and that’s why we’re so excited to offer Tokyo Milk Hand Cremes.  Available in ten distinct flavors/scents, each hand creme is as unique as you are.  Whether you’re looking for bold scents or something sweet and subtle, you’ll have no trouble finding a Tokyo Milk Hand Creme that tickles your fancy.  


Each Tokyo Milk Hand Creme features a nourishing formula that includes:


  • Shea butter - penetrates all layers of the skin with rich moisture while enhancing natural barriers to lock it in for lasting hydration benefits; fortifies the skin’s lipid barriers; aids in the skin’s natural healing process
  • Sweet Almond Oil - essential oil that further provides the skin with moisture; conditions the skin from the inside out to provide a silky-smooth, soft complexion that is plump and vibrant


Each Tokyo Milk Hand Creme features a unique design, and comes in a tailored sleeve inside a gorgeous keepsake bag.  You’ll have a hard time breaking the seal due to the beauty of the packaging, but once you do, your hands and nose will thank you.  


Melt away dryness, reduce cracking, and heal damaged skin with Tokyo Milk Hand Cremes!  Use twice daily and as often as desired to create a new, refreshed complexion on your hands while experiencing stimulation you enjoy.


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