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Exfoliating your skin is an important way to ensure that your pores are clean and you have a fresh palette to absorb all your other products. Yet, when it comes to choosing just one exfoliant, it seems like an impossible hunt. With questions racing through your head -- Which ingredients should you look out for? Will the product actually work?-- it can become a messy place. That’s why Skin Script simplifies it by offering top-quality exfoliants that will deliver on all your needs. 

Curious about skin script toner pads available? Here’s a quick brief so you can see what is the best fit for you:

Skin script glycolic retinol pad solution: The skin script glycolic and retinol pads are especially good for oily skin, aging skin, and skin that can use a little TLC. With 2% Glycolic Acid, the pads promote cell turnover and leave the skin touchably soft. At the same time, the presence of retinol boosts a clear complexion.

Skin script clarifying toner pads: If you suffer from acne or combination skin, then these clarifying pads will be your saving grace. With key ingredients, they work to eliminate excess oil, neutralize bacteria, and promote a healthy complexion. 

Skin script retinol 2% exfoliating scrub/mask: This one’s perfect for those seeking a deeply nourishing yet effective scrub. It helps to reduce fine lines, increase brightness of tone, and promote cell turnover thanks to the addition of 2% retinol. 

Skin script raspberry refining scrub: As delicious as it sounds, this refining scrub is a gentle exfoliant that will reveal a rejuvenated complexion after each use. With the addition of blue corn meal and jojoba beads, the scrub gently peels away dead debris, while keeping the moisture levels in tact. The result is a fresh face with a youthful glow. 

Is skin script vegan? 

Yes, 100%. Every single ingredient that goes into Skin Script RX products are cruelty-free, never been tested on animals. So you can go worry-free with great skin.

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