Lollia Wish

You’re wish is my command!  Lollia Wish is a signature scent from Lollia, by famed perfumist Margot Elena, that is interwoven into a complete line of fragrances and skin care products for your enjoyment.  Wish is a warm tone with depth that takes you on a fragrant escape while reminding you of all of the comforts of home.

The Lollia Wish Line includes eight amazing products that work together to provide an alluring aroma, purification of your skin, nourishment to your complexion, and relaxation to your body, mind, and soul.

Use all of the wish products to treat your skin and your soul to a spa-like experience without ever leaving your home.  Each product will intoxicate your senses, relax your mind, and treat your skin so you feel and look beautiful.

  • Wish Petite Perfumed Luminary - scented candle that fills the room with the signature wish scent while burning a unique, soy wax blend for up to 56 hours; transforms any environment into a warm, inviting one akin to a day spa
  • Wish Fine Bathing Salts - mineral formula that penetrates the skin while you bath to improve its health while providing a smooth, clear, vibrant, and pure complexion
  • Wish Shea Butter Soap - French, triple-milled soap that purifies the skin while infusing it with a  nourishing, rejuvenating dose of shea butter
  • Wish Shea Butter Handcreme - rich hand lotion that penetrates the tough skin of the hands to soften and moisturize the skin for a smoother, more youthful complexion
  • Wish Shower Gel - works into a rich, foamy lather to deep clean the skin while providing an intense aroma
  • Wish Bubble Bath - transforms your bath into a relaxing spa experience with a bubbly lather that infuses the skin with moisture and nourishment

Try the Lollia Wish Collection of products today.  Let the scent overtake your senses while the nourishing ingredients revive your complexion.

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