Lollia Wish Bubble Bath - 33.8oz

Lollia Wish Bubble Bath - 33.8oz

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Lollia Calm Foaming Bubble Bath creates an amazing sensory experience while also nourishing the skin for a youthful radiance.

Product Description

Product Description

Soak in the nourishing formula, and breathe in the delicate aroma.  Lollia Calm Foaming Bubble Bath is a pleasing sensory experience that promotes a healthy, vibrant complexion from head to toe. 


Lollia Calm Foaming Bubble Bath features bergamot, cinnamon, pepper, rice flower, jasmine, and ylang ylang with undertones of amber wood and vanilla bean. 

Recommended Skin Types

Lollia Wish Bubble Bath is recommended for all skin types, tones, and conditions. It is perfect for anyone who enjoys the occasional tub soak or is looking to create a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home.  


  • Nourishing blend of botanicals moisturizes the skin while providing antioxidant protection
  • Features a pleasing aroma with layers and nuance
  • Relaxes the body, mind, spirit, and soul
  • Refines the surface of the skin for a smoother texture
  • Protects the skin from environmental damage

How to Apply

Pour a small amount of Lollia Calm Foaming Bubble Bath into the tub as you draw your bath.  Allow a rich, bubbly lather to form on the surface of the fluid.  Soak in the tub for 10-30 minutes before toweling dry and applying a Lollia moisturizer.  

  • Tip - Refresh your senses and your soul with Lollia Calm Foaming Bubble Bath!  It’s a great way to start the day or relax before bed.

Key Ingredients

  • Olive extract - moisturizes the skin with rich hydration; purifies the surface of the skin; rich in antioxidants to protect; resurfaces the texture of the skin
  • Avocado oil - rich in moisture and sterols to not only moisturize the skin, but also improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture; smoothes the skin surface and soothes damage
  • Vitamin E -  moisture rich antioxidant that refines the surface of the skin while protecting it from extrinsic age damage
  • The complete ingredients list for Lollia Calm Foaming Bubble Bath is not presently available.