Lollia Parfums

Breathe in the decadent aroma of Lollia Parfums!  Each unique formula features botanical extracts that work together to create fragrances with nuance, depth, and subtlety.  One will whisk you away on a tropical vacation, another will take you on a morning stroll through a dew-drenched forest, and another will remind you of the fresh, floral scents in a blooming garden.  Lollia Perfrume, by Margot Elena, is truly decadent, and with so many options, you’ll have no trouble finding a fragrance perfect for you.

Each Lollia Parfum is elegantly packaged in a custom glass container, making it as beautiful to look at as it is pleasing to your senses. With real gold accents, custom silk-screen prints, and geometrically interesting shapes, each Lollia Parfum loks more lik ap iece of art that a perfume container.

Try all seven Lollia Parfums, and choose a favorite. Or keep all seven so you have a different one for every day of the week. Since they’re so affordable, that’s actually an option.

  • Calm - features fresh cut flowers, including iris and hyacinth, along with vetiver, floral waters, and citrus.
  • Relax - rich in lavender and white orchid with a sweet, warm finish of vanilla, bee blossom honey, and amber.
  • In Love - timeless flral aroma dominated by apple blossom along with subtle notes of jasmine and living rose.
  • Breathe - fresh lilies and peony with hints of grapefruit and undertones of leafy greens and cool moss.
  • At Last - light, floral mix of rice flower, magnolias, and mimosa
  • Wish - warm, tropical blend of vanilla bean and rice flower while featuring undertones of jasmine, sugar cane, and amber wood.
  • Wander - flowery fragrance that combines jasmine, cypress, water lilies, and dew-drenched greens.

Take your fragrance collection to another level with Lollia Parfum! Each is as delicate as you are and works with your natural chemistry to release a fragrance that is uniquely yours.

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