Lollia In Love Eau de Parfum

Item#: 10CV

Fall in love with the classic scent of Lollia In Love Eau de Parfum!

Product Description

Product Description

Fall in love with Lollia In Love Eau de Parfum!  This is a classic, timeless, and universal scent with fruity, floral notes of apple blossom along with jasmine and living rose.  Packaged in a beautiful glass bottle, it is pleasing to the eyes along with the nose.

Perfect for daily use or for special occasions, Lollia In Love Eau de Parfum might just be your new favorite fragrance.


Lollia In Love Eau de Parfum is a timeless combination of floral aromas with subtlety and nuance.  Dominated by apple blossoms, it features the sweet kiss of Jasmine along with a  breath of living rose.  

Recommended For

Lollia In Love Eau de Parfum is recommended for all women.  The classic scent works with your natural chemistry to create a pleasing aroma that is uniquely yours.  It’s the perfect daily perfume!


  • Uses natural botanical extracts to create a timeless fragrance
  • Floral aroma is intoxicating without being overwhelming
  • Perfect as a daily use fragrance
  • Elegantly packed in a glass bottle
  • Universal scent is perfect for everyone

How to Apply

Spray once onto the inside of the wrist at the pulse point.  Use that wrist to spread perfume onto the other before using both to spread perfume onto the pulse points of the neck.  Add another spray if more fragrance is desired.  Use in the morning, and reapply as needed throughout the day to fresh up your scent.

  • Tip - Keep the smaller sized Lollia In Love Eau de Parfum in your glove box.  Wherever you drive, you’ll be ready to freshen up your fragrance.


Lollia In Love Eau de Parfum is a classic scent that features natural botanicals to create its nuanced aroma, including apple blossom, jasmine, and rose.  

  • The complete ingredients list and formula for Lollia In Love Eau de Parfum is confidential and not made available to Skin Care by Alana or the public.  

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