Lollia Breathe

Breathe in the delicious, alluring scent of the Lollia Breathe line of products.  Lollia Breathe is a signature scent by Margo Elena that features a floral blend of peony and white lily along with fresh orange and grapefruit.  It features undertones of leafy greens to create a fresh aroma reminiscent of a walk through a blooming flower garden.  So let Lollia breathe whisk you away to a colorful floral garden rich in aroma and color.  Breathe it in, and let your soul and spirit be refreshed by the scent of beauty.

The Lollia Breathe line of products is elegantly designed with beautiful packages that look more like pieces of art than anything else.  Displaying a vintage-inspired flower print with rich pink and vibrant yellow, each product is richly adorned and incredibly pleasing on the eyes.  

The Lollia Breathe Series includes:

  • Lollia Breathe Tranquil Bubble Bath - scented bath treatment that relaxes the body and mind while nourishing the skin
  • Lollia Breathe Petite Luminary - scented candle that transforms any room into a warm, inviting environment
  • Lollia Breathe Sea Salt Sachet Bath Salts - invigorating bath treatment that penetrates the skin to soften, condition, purify, and nourish skin cells
  • Lollia Breathe Shea Butter Handcreme - rich, thick hand moisturizer that penetrates the tough skin of the hands for a fresh, vibrant complexion that is silky-smooth
  • Lollia Breathe Eau de Parfum - delicate aroma rich in floral notes with a leafy green finish
  • Lollia Breathe Shea Butter Soap - shea butter infused soap that has been triple milled for added purity; purifies the skin while providing it with rich moisture
  • Lolia Breathe Perfumed Shower Gel - rich in shea butter, avocado oil, mango butter, and more, this daily cleanser will purify the skin, exfoliate away impurities, and nourish the skin with nutrients and protective antioxidants for a fresh, vibrant complexion

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