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Take your bath to another level with Lollia Bath Salts!  Each Lollia Sea Salt Sachet features natural minerals that penetrate the epidermis to nourish and condition the skin along with botanical extracts to create an awe-inspiring aroma.  As you soak in the hot water and sea salt infusion, you’ll feel immediately relaxed, and your skin will soak up the nourishing mixture for improved texture, tone, and radiance.

Each Lollia Sea Salt Sachet is neatly packaged in a gorgeous fabric case with its own colorful design.  With custom buttons and a beautiful glass pendant on the side, Lollia Bath salts look more like artwork than packaging for skin treatments.  

In addition, each Lollia Bath Salt features one of Lollia’s signature scents.  Designed by renowned perfumist Margo Elena, each fragrance features botanically derived scents layered on top of one another to create nuance and subtlety.  As you breathe in the delicate aroma that rises from the salt-infused water, you’ll be taken away to another place.  Your senses will feel invigorated, and you’ll be transported to ocean breezes, moonlit forests, and morning hikes through the desert. 

Perfect for anyone who enjoys a rejuvenating skin treatment and relaxing bath experience at the same time, Lollia Bath Salts rinse away to reveal a smooth, vibrant complexion.  Your skin will look and feel healthier, appear firmer and more tined, and be less prone to breakouts and blemishes.  In addition, the mineral formula will relax tired and sore muscles.  It’s the perfect way to end a stressful day while readying your body, mind, and soul for a restful night of deep sleep. 

Add Lollia Sea Salt Sachets to any bath, and take your bath from normal to a spa-like experience without even leaving the house.  For even more ambience, light a candle, and turn on some music. 

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