Lollia In Love Sea Salt Sachet

Lollia In Love Sea Salt Sachet

Item#: 10ZV

With an aroma akin to walking in a meadow with roses underbrush, hints of jasmine and apple blossom, Lollia in Love Sea Salt Sachet Bath Salts are unmistakable when present – without being overpowering. It’s a classic combination of scents that have withstood the test of time.

Product Description

Product description

An exemplar of purification and nourishment, Lollia in Love Sea Salt Sachet Bath Salts is a conditioning and cleansing product that will put your mind at ease, while infusing the body with a feeling of unmatched freshness.


The presentation of such a gift is as important as the gift, itself – which is why Lollia in Love Sea Salt Sachet Bath Salts are wrapped in singlets of gray and white cotton, where they are individually placed in gift boxes for delivery.

Recommended Skin Types

All skin types can benefit equally from Lollia in Love Sea Salt Sachet Bath Salts. In fact, even people with skin conditions can find some benefit from it, as it revitalizes dry and parched skin with its deep-reaching nutrients, all while ensuring a soothing, early-evening soak in the bath after work.


  • Packaged perfectly for gifting, with a dozen delicately-wrapped sachets
  • Works as a skin purification conditioner, performing all manner of cleansing operations on skin that is congested with dirt and debris
  • The sea salt contained in the conditioner works with the botanical extracts to deliver nutrients deep within the skin
  • Delivers a finishing touch that leaves the skin feeling supple and soft – and feeling wonderful and revitalized
  • Delivers a classic aroma that is well-balanced – recognizable and sweet but not dominating

How to Use

Lollia in Love Sea Salt Sachet Bath Salts is concentrated, so it takes a single spoonful, added as your bathtub is filling up with hot water. After mixing it with your hands so that it spreads evenly throughout the tub, immerse yourself and let the salts soothe you for up to 30 minutes – but at least 10 minutes – as the scent wafts up your nose and the salts nourish your skin fully. When done, towel off and apply a Lollia moisturizer to your entire body.