La Bella Donna Blush

La Bella Donna Blush



The La Bella Donna cosmetic line offers all natural mineral blushes in several different ways. The collection of La Bella Donna Blushes includes separate compressed blushes, the La Bella Donna Mineral Fresh Blush Collection, a blush/eyeshadow combo compact as well as two cream colors. All of the blushes hold amazing color and provide safe, non-artificial ingredients in order to protect skin from harmful chemicals. For instance, the La Bella Donna Gina Magnifica Eyeshadow/Blush Compact contains four different colors that can be used both on the cheeks and the eyes for a versatile, multi-purpose compact that is convenient to take with you just about anywhere, available at Skincare by Alana

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La Bella Donna Blush

La Bella Donna blushes are high-quality, natural blushes that can be used on all skin types because they're not known to cause allergic reactions. The blushes can be easily applied anywhere and are available in compact boxes with included mirrors, making them the ideal makeup item for women on the go. The products under this category are also available in a wide range of shades or colors that provide you with complete coverage. Bella Donna blushes can be easily removed with regular makeup removers and are designed to help you cover minute imperfections on your face while providing a blushed look. They will add to the overall seductiveness and beauty of your face.

About La Bella Donna Blush Compressed Mineral Blush

La Bella Donna's best-selling Compressed Mineral Blush is packed with a bouquet of all-natural ingredients to give you a natural-looking, radiant glow while offering the skin the tools it needs to protect itself from environmental pollutants. This is a mineral-based blush that goes on smooth and lasts all day. Available in 10 deep, gorgeous colors to match any skin tone perfectly, this mineral blush is sure to give the skin a flawless finish.


The Story Behind La Bella Donna

The La Bella Donna cosmetic line was founded by a mother and daughter, who both believed that makeup should not only provide amazing color and coverage, but also support and protect the skin. The whole idea behind the line is to combine skincare and cosmetics into wonderfully versatile, all-natural products. The La Bella Donna cosmetic line comes complete with everything a girl needs to fill her makeup bag, from eye shadows that double as eyeliners to foundation that's formulated with SPF for broad-spectrum sun protection. Every La Bella Donna product is bound to astound you.
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