Illamasqua Make-up Brush Kit​ (Face)

Illamasqua Make-up Brush Kit (Face)

Item#: illamasqua_make_up_brush_kit_face

Build a flawless complexion with Illamasqua Make-up Brush Kit​ - Face containing all of the essential tools.

Product Description

Product Description

All the tools you need to achieve the perfect complexion; from Foundation and Concealer brushes to get your look started, to Highlighter and Contour brushes for adding details that will enhance your base. Containing 5 brushes housed in a height-adjustable brush canister, ideal for storing brushes of all sizes and easy to wipe clean.

Highlighter Fan Brush :
This fan shaped highlighter brush is a must-have for creating glowing skin. The featherweight bristles apply product seamlessly over foundation, and can be used to create a subtle glow or a strobing highlight. Use with Beyond Powder, Beyond Liquid or Gleam Highlighter. 

Foundation Brush:
The Illamasqua Foundation Brush is a stippling brush that is perfect for buffing foundation into the skin for a flawless finish.

Concealer Flat Brush
This small flat brush can be used for precise application of concealer over blemishes or imperfections. The rounded tip allows you to press product into the skin for full coverage. Use with Skin Base Concealer Pen or Skin Base Lift Concealer.

Contour Brush:
Shaped to fit the facial contours, this Angled Cheek Brush is a great way to apply liquid and cream foundations and cream blush enabling you to effectively sculpt the face.

Bronzer Brush:
Perfect for creating a flush of colour on the cheeks. The ultra-soft bristles blend product seamlessly over foundation.