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Beautiful skin is healthy skin, and healthy skin is beautiful skin!  The Essentials Collection form Dermaquest Skin Therapy is designed for all skin types to nourish, protect, and balance the skin.  Including the best ingredients and cutting-edge treatments including vitamins, minerals, peptides, enzymes, and more, this essential line of products provides the foundation for all further Dermaquest Skin Care treatments and for dealing with more specific skin conditions.
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Most of us have heard or read that one of the most damaging factors for our skin is UV light from the sun.  Free radicals present in UV rays act to damage skin cells, causing wrinkles, diminished skin regeneration, and eventual DNA damage that can lead to cancer.  That is why proper sun protection is vital to any complete skin care regimen and is included in the Dermaquest Essentials Collection.  Enriched with Zinc Oxide for sun protection as well as other nutrients to moisturize and revitalize skin without causing oiliness, Zinclear SPF30 and Youth Protection SPF30 provide broad spectrum protection from the sun while also enriching the health of your skin.  


The moisture content of your skin is a vital part of its overall health.  Quite simply, dry skin is unhealthy skin.  The Essential B5 Hydrating Serum and B5 Moisture Matte ensure that your skin is hydrated.  These products penetrate the skin to its deepest layers, provided long-lasting moisturization.  Providing oil-free and shine-free hydration, Dermaquest Skin Therapy Essential moisturizers are a necessary part of any skin care routine.


Also essential is skin strength!  Strong skin comes from strong, healthy skin cells, and Dermaquest Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex replenishes the skin at the cellular level, enhancing collagen production that softens the skin and repairs damage.  Battle aging and get soft, supple, radiant skin with Stem Cell Rebuilding Complex.  


The Essential Collection from Dermaquest Skin Therapy is a great place to start your skin care routing.  Including products that deal with the “essentials,” you’ll love the Dermaquest quality and price of these must-haves.


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