Dermaquest Essential Starter Kit

Dermaquest Essential Starter Kit

Item#: derm_esssentialstarterkit

Dermaquest Essential Starter Kit is a natural daily cleanser designed to moisturize, cleanse, protect and strengthen the skin. The product targets classy women, i.e. those who are concerned about their looks and desire to enjoy a healthy and glowing skin.

Product Description

Product Description:

It excellently combines hydrating and nourishing elements that contain a natural purifier, leaving the skin looking fabulous. Dermaquest Essential Starter Kit is soft cleansing and ideal for removing impurities such as dead skin, dirt and makeup leftover from the skin. 

The Dermaquest therapy for the skin was established to serve the beauty and health of the skin. Its products have been examined and scientifically tested for components with the ability to treat specialized skin retirements. Dermaquest Essential Starter Kit is appropriate and secure for all skin types. 

• Essential Daily Cleanser (2 FL OZ / 59.1 mL)

• Essential B5 Hydrating Serum (0.5 FL OZ / 14.8 mL)

• Essential Moisturizer (1 FL OZ / 29.6 mL)

• SheerZinc SPF30 (1 OZ / 28.3 g)


  • Safe and tender enough for very sensitive skin.
  • Gets rid of makeup leftover and dirt on the skin for a pure complexion.
  • Provides antibacterial, soothing properties leaving the complexion polished and purified.
  • It exfoliates the skin gently without removing its natural properties.
  • Penetration of the post-cleansing product ingredients is enhanced.
  • It is essential for getting rid of acne, dark sports and pigmentation leaving the skin glowing and healthy.
  • It helps in preventing harmful sun rays from scorching the skin.

Some of the key ingredients that make Dermaquest Essential Starter Kit have the above skin benefits include: haluronic acid, which is essential for skin hydration; peptides, which contains amino acids that are powerful for drastically transforming the skin; as well as antioxidants, that aid in the renewal of healthy cells and act as a skin bodyguard. 

How to Use: 

  • The product is recommended for use on dehydrated skin, dark spots and pigmentation, wrinkles, acne affected skins among others.
  • For an essential daily purifier or cleanser, emulsify the cleanser with warm (lukewarm) water and massage gently on the skin. Rinse well and dry.
  • For dehydrating skin serum, apply pea size amount on fingertips then apply smoothly on the skin and let it penetrate before using the next product.
  • Being the perfect moisturizer, it is recommended for daily use.