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The Dermaquest Skin Therapy DermaClear collection is specifically formulated and designed to treat the various stages and types of acne.  For some, it’s the occasional spot that needs correction.  Others are susceptible to consistent breakouts.  Dermaquest recognizes the various problems associated with acne and offers products that alleviate the symptoms of acne while preventing future breakouts.  
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Most of us know that clean skin is one major key in battling breakouts.  Dermaquest DermaClear Cleanser and DermaClear BHA Cleanser are specifically designed to strip the skin of acne-contributors such as debris, dirt, and oil so breakouts become a thing of the past.  Including bio-active enzymes and acids, these cleansers cleanse without over-drying as they include moisturizing and soothing ingredients that replace acne-contributors with vital skin nutrients.  


Most of us have also experienced the misfortune of waking up with an acne spot on an important day.  These acne-distasters need not ruin everything - DermaClear Spot Treatment to the rescue!  Including Benzoyl Peroxide as well as other targeted ingredients that get to the cause of your breakout, DermaClear Spot Treatment gets to the heart of the issue, eliminating acne-causing bacteria to quickly reduce the appearance of a blemish and prevent future breakouts.


Take control of your acne DermaClear Serum and DermaClear Mask, both bioengineered with high-quality ingredients that reduce the appearance of acne, reduce the cause of acne, and treat the skin without producing dryness.  Use DermaClear Serum daily to reduce breakouts and the DermaClear Mask periodically as needed to soothe redness and inflammation from acne.


Make acne a thing of the past with the DermaClear collection from Dermaquest Skin Therapy.  No matter the cause of your acne, whether it’s due to adolescence, diet, stress, or something else, DermaClear will help you clear it up and show the world your true, healthy, vibrant, and, most importantly, clear skin.


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