Alex Cosmetics

Alex Cosmetics creates products utilizing the finest and purest herbal ingredients in combination with unique formulations to insure the highest level of quality.

Their background represents a blend of herbal, cosmetic and pharmaceutical knowledge developed and passed on over generations.

With continued use, your skin will become clearer and maintain a healthy, vibrant appearance.

“Used by leading estheticians in professional facials… Call it a mission, call it a goal… we call it our passion.”

Alex Cosmetics

Alex Cosmetics uses advanced technology and the latest medical insights and cosmetic developments in the industry are incorporated into all of our products. Alex Cosmetics use minimal preservatives in our formulations and select only ingredients that are truly beneficial to the skin. Alex Cosmetics creates products that are versatile and suitable for all skin types.

Alex Beauty and Alex cosmetics reviews

Alex Cosmetics is a line of products that makes formulas with pure herbal ingredients to offer skin products of the highest grade. Alex skin care utilizes a mix of pharmaceutical, herbal, cosmetic knowledge along with the latest technology to develop products highly beneficial to the skin. They make formulas with selected high quality ingredients and minimum amount of preservatives. Alex Cosmetics range can be used on all types of skin and the formulas from Alex Cosmetics give you a healthy radiant skin. Alex Cosmetics products are apt for you whether you have normal skin, dry skin, oily skin, combination, sensitive skin, hyper pigmentation, aged skin or uneven skin tone because it can be used in multiple combinations. Use Alex Cosmetics regularly for a clear, glowing and vibrant skin.

Alex herbal bb cream

Alex Cosmetics was founded by Mrs. St. Dabkus who launceh her own beauty salon and cosmetic line. She developed medicinal formulas like the alex cosmetic bb cream with her sister who was a pharmacist. These medicinal formulas gained popularity and now Alex Cosmetics is known for its blend of traditional herbal ingredients with advanced technology. The development of herbal peel mask was done in 1958 and by 1999, Alex Cosmetics Germany was founded. Several natural cosmetic product lines were developed by then. Alex Cosmetic Herbal A Peel is a method based on holistic medicine and botanical knowledge which aids in resurfacing of the skin. It does not use chemicals on the skin and is an alternative to the natural herbal peeling method. It is performed by Alex Cosmetics certified skin care professional only.

Alex Cosmetic USA

Once you start using the makeup products, you will see effective results soon. You will experience clearer, smoother and hydrated skin which looks and feels healthy. The skin continues to grow healthier when you are treating a long term skin problem such as acne, hyper pigmentation or aging. The ingredients used in the Alex skincare products are formulated to effectively address the skin issues and give you healthy skin. Since our skin is constantly changing and is being subjected to environmental pollution, it is important to care for your skin and keep it healthy. Alex Cosmetics provides you with all the benefits our skin needs to rejuvenate it and keep it healthy. Choose from the various lines of products Alex Cosmetics has to offer categorized as follows: Alex Cosmetic Classic, AX2 Noblesse, AX2 BodyShape and Alex makeup and Cosmeceuticals. Try the Herbal BB Cream Gold, Extreme Anti Aging Eye Cream and the Royal BB Cream amongst the Alex Cosmetics range of products.

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