Alex Cosmetic Lily Hydra Cleansing Milk 6.7oz

Alex Cosmetic Lily Hydra Cleansing Milk 6.7oz

Item#: ALEX6001_5348_5593

Cleansing milk for dry and sensitive skin. A creamy gentle cleanser for dry or sensitive skin. Cleanses the skin deeply yet gently, without drying it out. Eliminates make-up and surface impurities while it protects the natural balance of the skin. Enriched with energizing and softening ingredients, natural oils (Almond Oil) and plant extracts (White Water Lily, Witch Hazel Extract) leave the skin clean, refreshed and invigorated

Product Description

Product Description

Alex Cosmetic Lily Hydra Cleansing Milk (6.7 ounces) is a gentle cleanser designed to cleanse the skin without drying it. The product helps to balance skin while eliminating dirt, oil, and makeup. This creamy cleansing milk contains natural ingredients, such as plant extracts and natural almond oil; these ingredients soften the skin and leave it feeling energized. Almond oil soothes the skin, and Witch Hazel Leaf Extract and White Water Lily Extract refresh and invigorate it.  

Skin Types

This cleansing milk is suitable for people with normal, dry, or sensitive skin. It is gentle enough to use twice per day. People who have dry, sensitive skin will appreciate the way that it protects the skin while cleansing it thoroughly and restoring balance.

How to Use

Alex Cosmetic Lily Hydra Cleansing Milk should be used twice per day for best results. With the fingertips, apply the cleanser in a thin layer to the skin on the face and neck, as well as below the neckline if desired. The cleanser should then be massaged gently on the skin in an upward, circular motion. The cleanser may then be rinsed off with warm water and a thick, soft washcloth.  

To Achieve Optimal Results

To achieve the best results possible, this cleanser should be used as part of a routine that includes other products in the Alex Cosmetic skin care series. Daily cleansing may be followed by application of Alex Cosmetic Lily Hydra Tonic to completely refresh the skin. Following application of the tonic, application of one of the Alex Cosmetic moisturizing products is recommended. Both Alex Cosmetic Total Calm Cream and Alex Cosmetic Vitamin Cream are suitable for dry and sensitive skin. The series comprises a complete line of products designed to beautify skin with natural ingredients, including exfoliating products, serums, and masks, as well as eye and lip products.   

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