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Winter Sunscreen: ESSENTIAL

It’s been a few months since we parted ways with our bikinis. But contrary to what you might be thinking, your sunscreen is something you should NOT be stowing away until the warmer season. Ironically, it’s been scientifically proven that on cloudy, overcast days the harsh UVA and UVB rays can do even more damage than they would during the hotter summer months. Lesson learned? While I’m saying goodbye to my favorite yellow polka dot bikini, I won’t say goodbye to my beloved sun protection products! While sun protection can start to sound tedious and more of a chore, my favorite sun protection products are all so easy to use that you’ll just naturally want to implement them into your daily life without any after thoughts whatsoever.

COOLA Sport Continuous Spray | Skincare by Alana | Winter Sunscreen ESSENTIALFor those are who tend to stick to organic products, the wonderful minds at Coola have us covered. With an array of organic sun screen products your skin will be protected and nourished in no time. My two favorite Coola must haves for sun protection would be their Sport Continuous Spray Sunscreen and their SPF Lipluxe Lip Balm. To start, the easy-to-use spray sunscreen is available in two tantalizing scents: Citrus Mimosa or Pina Colada, both of which are sure to bring you back to a wonderful, summer state-of-mind. Perhaps your thoughts will start to wander back to your favorite summer spot. With two wonderful invigorating scents, you can worry less about SPF coverage and simply relax. The Coola SPF Lipluxe Lip Balm will hydrate those cracked, winter worn lips and provide them with SPF protection to boot!

Image Skincare Daily Defense Tinted Moisturizer | Skincare by Alana | Winter Sunscreen ESSENTIALFinally, one of my all time favorite skin care lines, Image Skincare brings you a sun protection product that not only protects but will provide you with a healthy, summer like glow. The Daily Defense Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 from Image Skincare is a two in one product that will nourish, hydrate, protect and provide your face with a beautiful even complexion this winter. Together, the combination between the Coola and Image Skincare products will become your ideal sun protection duo this winter!


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