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The Truth Behind Drugstore Shampoos & Conditioners

Shampoos & Conditioners are an absolute essential in my beauty routine, and when it comes to my hair I only like to use the best. And a question I am commonly asked is whether or not I use drugstore products. I am not going to say that all drugstore products are bad, but I think it is very important for people to understand why salon brands may be worth investing in. Are you ready for it?

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Drugstore Vs. Salon Brands

People are always asking me why drugstore hair-care products are "bad". And like I mentioned before, they aren't all "bad". But many brands carry ingredients that can strip your hair, or add unnecessary buildup. Also, they don't penetrate your hair's pores as nicely as higher-quality products would. That said, there are some "Salon Quality" products that have the high price tag, without the fabulous results. Here are some things to consider:

  • Many drugstore brands contain sulfites in both their shampoos & conditioners. While some people's hair can "tolerate" this, it absolutely wreaks havoc on others. Also, those who can tolerate sulfites generally still love the results after switching to a sulfite-free product.
  • We all know that alcohol is drying. But how many of you know that alot of drugstore brands use that as an ingredient in their products? I always recommend an alcohol free product - or at least one that has it to a minimal degree.
  • "Cones" are ingredients that are most commonly found in drugstore conditioners. If you have heard people rave about how horrible Pantene Pro-V is, "cones" are the reason why. Cones cause buildup in the hair, making it gloopy, and ultimately making it difficult for your hair to absorb or retain any moisture. So yes, initially you will love the soft, silky, shiny feel of cone-infused conditioners. But in the long haul you are doing your hair a serious disservice.
  • You hair type has alot to do with what your hair can tolerate. I have found that people with thicker hair don't show the negative effects of drugstore products as quickly as thin or fine hair. Seriously, one use can cause damage on someone with sensitive hair.
  • All of the things I talked about above can be present in a "Salon Quality" product. Do your research and read the ingredients before committing to a more expensive shampoo or conditioner. You hair and your wallet will thank you!
  • A great salon brand does not necessarily have to be expensive. Some of my favorites are very reasonably priced, and work wonders for my hair.

Brands I Love

Dermorganic - I absolutely LOVE Dermorganic products, from their Argan oil, to their Shampoos & Conditioners, everything works fabulously! And the best part? It doesn't come with a hefty price-tag. This is what I recommend to all of my Beauty Mates who are reluctant to make the switch because of the cost. Seriously, everyone who has tried it has been an immediate believer.

Komenuka Bijin - While Komenuka may not be a household name , their products are certainly worth a shot! Infused with ingredients such as ginseng and rice bran proteins, Komenuka products work deep to help nourish your hair naturally.

Agadir - Most people have heard of this brand, simply because it is so amazing. While the price tag is a bit higher on this brand, I say it is definitely worth it. These products smell great, and nourish my hair like one could never believe. I will always keep this brand in my life.

Alterna - Something that I really love about Alterna is the amount of options they have to choose from. They really cater to a variety of different people with different wants or needs, and each product delivers beautiful results. Yes, I have tried them all.

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