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Help! I have Stretch Marks!

Let’s face it, nobody’s perfect! All of us have imperfections we want to hide from those peering eyes. Women especially have this obsession to achieve perfection. We tend to try all sorts of products to enhance beauty or even put our lives at risk to undergo cosmetic surgery. Instead of trying to correct these imperfections that could possibly ruin our appearance, we should focus on what makes us beautiful.

Stretch marks, sadly to say, is one imperfection that affects almost everyone. There are ways to minimize these lines but there is probably no way of getting rid of them completely. Stretch marks appear when the elastic fibres of the skin get damaged due to several factors such as: pregnancy, puberty, and sudden weight gain. It can appear anywhere but the usual areas are the hips, buttocks, arms, breast, thighs, and around the belly.

Laser treatment for stretch marks also known as fractional laser treatment is now available in the market. In this procedure, the physician makes very small injections over the stretch marks leaving untreated skin in between. A new healthy skin reappears as the untreated skin helps heal the wounds created by the laser. Stretch marks therefore appear reduced. This treatment however, is only best for new stretch marks before they turn to silvery white in colour.

A wide range of over the counter products for stretch marks could be found in the market which promises to get rid or help minimize its appearance. Most products contain essential minerals and vitamins that keep the skin moisturized and give the skin a healthy glow. Some experts suggest that stretch marks could be minimized by rubbing oils and creams during a sudden growth spurt, when the skin is more likely to stretch. One of our great lines, Matis has a great Restructuring Stretch Mark Cream. This cream has a combination of 3 different peptides and plant extracts to increase collagen synthesis and fibrilline synthesis (molecules of the elastic network) which stimulates the repair of stretch marks and helps to prevent more from forming.

Another way to help prevent stretch marks is by having a well-balanced diet. Try eating foods rich in zinc (fish and nuts), have lots of protein (egg whites) and a high content of vitamins (A, C, and D). Drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day will also help to keep your skin soft and prevent tearing.

Although it seems like we cannot prevent stretch marks, with these tips we should be able to control more from occurring. Tria beauty makes an awesome laser hair removal device that can also help.

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