TRIA Laser Hair Removal

 Tria Laser Hair Removal

Tria Laser Hair Removal is a revolutionary light-based skincare approach for delivering clinically proven efficacy that can free you from ineffective regimens and harsh topical treatments.

Light gently interacts below the skin's surface and promises glowing results with beautiful, smooth, healthy skin. Inspired by professional treatments, Tria Laser Hair Removal brings the same technology used by dermatologists into the home, empowering you to enjoy the breakthrough benefits of light-based skincare.

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Tria Laser Hair Removal understands the value of being able to treat yourself in the privacy of your home-it's convenient, affordable and superior to other alternatives. Furthermore, they work closely with world-renowned dermatologists and surgeons to revolutionize at-home skincare treatments. The company conducts extensive clinical research and its engineering teams are dedicated to testing and continuously improving its products. Plus, all of its skincare devices are FDA-cleared.

Laser Hair Removal

The Tria Laser Hair Removal device is the first and only hair removal laser available for at-home use. Unlike other at-home hair removal methods, this device uses the same laser technology used by professionals to permanently remove hair in the comfort and privacy of your home, at a fraction of the cost.

The Skin Perfecting Blue Light is a revolutionary handheld acne device that brings the same effective, therapeutic power of blue light acne treatment used by dermatologists into your own home. Unlike other acne treatments, the Blue Light gently eliminates bacteria at the source, deep within the skin, without harshness. The result is the elimination of blemishes, clogged pores, pimples and acne breakouts and a bright, clear complexion.

Does it work? What is the cost?

Yes, theTria laser works. We at Skincare By Alana have used it on our own unwanted body hair. The laser requires a not unsubstantial upfront cost, but it actually works.

Skincare By Alana is an authorized reseller, so you know you will get an authentic Tria laser.

This Hair Removal Device company continues to innovate by capitalizing on technological advances and making light science discoveries to bring revolutionary skincare of the highest quality and standards to you. Light treatment devices are becoming incredibly advanced and are very effective in treating a myriad of skin conditions. The company has been on the forefront of these recent technological advances and will be producing high-quality, effective products for years to come.


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