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Finding Shade From The Sun

I’m not sure about you guys, but summer has erupted in full form here in beautiful Dana Point! The marine layer is burning off quicker to reveal warmer weather and, you guessed it, lots of sunshine! So how does one find shade from the sun when the weather is so inviting? I have been trying out Osmosis Shade SPF 30 and am so incredibly happy with the results!


First, I am an avid lover of sunscreen. But of course there are things that make this one unique in my opinion. First and most important, this product contains silica-coated titanium, which naturally wears better and does not break down in the presence of UV radiation. Second, it is paired with soothing and incredibly effective zinc oxide, which helps to protect your skin, while reducing the chances of irritation. This Osmosis treat is broad spectrum, which is essential in any good sunscreen. And best of all: it felt fabulous on my skin! It wasn’t heavy or oily or greasy. It felt like my regular moisturizer, with benefits. This is a must-try for the summer.

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