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Eye Popping Eyeliner!

I absolutely love Eye Popping Eyeliners! Whether you like to dazzle those eyes on a daily basis, or save your standout shades for nights out on the town, there is no denying the fun in Eye Popping Eyeliners, which is why I want to share some of my favorites with you!

Of course classic black eyeliner is always acceptable—it will match everything and anything you could possibly wear, and can be used for light to dramatic eye-popping coverage! What are my favorite black eyeliners, you ask? I honestly cannot select just one! Glo Minerals, La Bella Donna, and YoungBlood carry some of my favorite eye popping eyeliners—and their classic blacks (named accordingly based on shade) are all sure to make your eyes dazzle and pop!

La Bella Donna's eyeliner is perfect for bold black and bronzed brown eye popping looks!

Now, some of us prefer to do-up our eyes on a more subtle, but still eye popping level. For this, I suggest using brown/bronze tones! This is sure to bring out your eyes in a way that is more natural, and less dramatic than classic black eyeliner. I recommend trying Youngblood’s Incredible Wear Gel Eyeliner in Espresso, as well as La Bella Donna’s Eye Pencil in Brown. Two definite crowd-pleasers!

Youngbloods Incredible Wear Gel Liner will bring you from day-to-night and night-to-day in a variety of delectable colors!For those of you who dare to venture outside of the common blacks and browns, I recommend Youngblood’s Incredible Wear Eyeliners, which also come in Galaxy (a beautiful, shimmery charcoal/silver infusion!), Black Orchid (an intensely deep eggplant shade, yum!), and Midnight Sea (a beautiful shade of Navy that is sure to compliment all eye colors!). The best part? These intensely colored eye-gels are water-resistant and budge-proof, giving you day-to-night and night-to-day eye colour! Cheers to that!


Be sure to check out my video about Youngblood Cosmetics - a makeup line with products that truly benefit your skin!


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