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Dry Eyes this Summer? This article will give you tips to help those dry eyes!

Now that we are reaching the peak of Summer, eye issues such as dry eye skin, puffiness, and dark circles tend to become a real problem. Whether it is from your makeup melting to your eyes appearing irritated, and tired; I have found great tips to keep you looking fresh!

Water Resistant Mascara

Allergy prone eyes and oily skin increase smudges, making water-resistant mascara a plus for the summer. This also will allow the curl to last longer. Check out Mavala Waterproof Mascara, it works great, and is affordable.

A good Eye Cream

Finding the right eye cream is also very important for the skin around our eyes is very sensitive and thin. Try finding an eye cream that is hydrating and contains ingredients such as elderflower, oat extract, green tea, and chamomile. I use the all natural Epicuren Eye Alive Cream, which is very calming. It usually runs for around $56.00

Nonslip Eye Shadows

Ever noticed that your eye shadow appears to crease and come off easily? To prevent creasing, try and use a matte mineral eye shadow to help control the oil production on your lids. Also try using a Primer first then layering on your favorite shadow! I use Glo Minerals Lid Primer and is works great!

Drink More Water and Less Caffeine

Registered dietician Lisa Drayer author of The Beauty Diet says to, “Try and keep your caffeine consumption under 300 milligrams per day (one cup of coffee has about 100 milligrams). The effect of caffeine can leave you dehydrated and increase stress.

Eat Healthy

Studies have been shown that a high intake of fatty acids may protect against dry eyes. Robert Mirsky, an ophthalmologist in New Jersey says that it is important to eat lots of leafy greens and vitamin C fruits as well as superpower foods rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A, like eggs and carrots. Eating like a nutritionist will also help our skin to maintain a healthy glow! For example, foods such as salmon and almonds help.

Always Remove Your Eye Makeup

Forgetting to take off your eye makeup once in a while is ok, but making it a habit is not to smart. When we don’t take off our makeup, our skin can become oilier, and can lead to break-outs as well as eye irritation. If you do not have an eye makeup remover, try and keep unscented baby wipes and use those. A great top-seller makeup remover is Oxygen Botanicals Eye Makeup Remover. It is gentle, non-greasy, and contains great calming antioxidants, starts at just $18.00!


Thanks for the tips for eye care; You can never start to early with taking care of your skin especially the eye area. I am using an oil free eye make up remover but the unscented baby wipes sound interesting! I’ll try it as a change….
Of course the right diet and drinking plenty of water is crucial for healthy skin!

Judit @ 2010-09-09 4:37am

Thanks so much for your eye tips! I just turned 40yrs old in June and my concern with the area in and around my eyes is such a huge concern. Thanks for some important and helpful information…

Park Ridge, IL

Angela @ 2010-08-18 11:30am

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