Viviscal Pro Supplement

Viviscal Pro Supplement

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Viviscal Pro Supplements are a unique, clinically-proven way to treat thinning hair for men and women of all hair types. With regular use, Viviscal Pro Supplements can help you achieve healthy, thick, and cushiony hair. Made with natural ingredients, Viviscal Pro Supplements are easy to take and are gentle on your system.

If you’re looking for effective, safe supplements for thinning hair, look no further than Viviscal Pro Supplements!

Product Description

Clinically Proven Supplements

Viviscal Professional is a clinically proven, 100% drug-free dietary supplement that promotes existing hair growth for fuller and thicker hair. Viviscal Professional is backed by more than 25 years of continuous research by some of the world’s leading hair growth clinicians, making it one of the most researched hair growth supplements in the industry today.*

AminoMar® marine complex

The Viviscal Professional dietary supplements are scientifically formulated with the groundbreaking marine complex AminoMar®. This compound helps to nourish thinning hair from within, while key nutrients essential for healthy hair growth like Biotin, Apple Extract, and Vitamin C work together to encourage healthy hair growth. This is a perfect product for women and men of all hair types.

Haircare with Viviscal Supplements

The look and feel of our hair and scalp go hand in hand. Stress, environmental factors, medication, hormonal changes, poor nutrition, heat styling, and over-styling, are aspects that can affect the health of our hair and scalp. These factors can lead to excess shedding and breakage, which can show as hair thinning and hair loss. Oftentimes, we just need a boost which is where Viviscal Pro Supplements come in!

Viviscal Professional hair growth supplements replenish depleted vital nutrients to the hair follicles through the bloodstream. This helps to prolong the hair growth cycle and promote existing hair growth.


100% drug-free dietary supplement

Strengthens weak, thinning hair with Biotin, Apple Extract, Vitamin C, AminoMar® Marine Complex

Supports healthy hair growth and prevents breakage

Perfect for hair loss and thinning due to everyday stress, hormones, heat damage, and more

How Vivisical Pro Supplements work

Stage 1 - Anagen

The supplements help to feed hair follicles from within

Stage 2 - Catagen

The supplements work to strengthen and stimulate the growth of existing hair

Stage 3 - Exogen

The supplements encourage the growth of hair that has slowed in growing

Stage 4 - Telogen

Within this stage, hair is noticeably stronger, visibly healthier, and appears more vibrant

How To Take Viviscal Pro Supplements

Recommended daily intake:

Take two tablets daily for a minimum of 3-6 months (one tablet in the morning and one in the evening, with water after food).

Viviscal Professional tablets are easy to swallow.


Vitamin C (from Acerola Powder and as Ascorbic Acid), Biotin, AminoMar® Marine Complex, Apple Extract Powder (Procyanidin B-2), L-Cystine, L-Methionine, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Maltodextrin, Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Artificial Orange Flavoring, Modified Starch, Glycerol. Allergy advice: Contains fish (shark)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a prescription for Viviscal?

The Viviscal brand is a supplement company, you do not need a prescription to purchase any Viviscal product.

What is the difference between Viviscal and Viviscal pro?

The difference between Viviscal and Viviscal Pro is the Viviscal Professional has apple extract, lysteine, and methylmethionine, and more of the AminoMar command is added in the formulation rather than in the Extra Strength

Does Viviscal make nails stronger?

Along with the ability to nourish healthy hair growth and improve thin hair, the Viviscal supplements have been known to increase nail strength.

How quickly does Viviscal work?

Viviscal™ Hair Growth works in four stages in a 6-month timeframe, however, most users can begin to see progress within 3-4 months.