Tokyo Milk Sugared Mint Lip Scrub

Tokyo Milk Sugared Mint Lip Scrub 0.5oz / 15ml

Item#: tokyomilk_sugaredmint_lipscrub

Tokyo Milk Sugared Mint Lip Scrub is the perfect start to having smooth lips for a healthy pucker!

Product Description

Product Description

One thing that’s on everyone’s list is smooth lips. After all, they’re not only easier to apply lipstick to, but they keep the pesky lip picking at bay (and c’mon, we’re all guilty of it!). So to reach the gates of lip heaven, you’ll want to add a lip scrub to your routine. 

Why a lip scrub instead of a traditional balm? Well, like exfoliating your whole face, a lip scrub helps to exfoliate your lips. This means it will get rid of the dead skin that you have, unveiling preciously soft and smooth skin beneath. Making you kissable as can be. 

The lip scrub by Tokyo Milk has everything that you should expect in a lip scrub. Made from coconut oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, and apricot oil, it is chockful of natural emollients. This simply means products that help to soothe and smooth the skin. It also has sugar as the main exfoliating ingredient. So that means all things are natural here! You can enjoy knowing you’re helping your lips, worry-free. 

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