Stemulation Rescue Repair Hand & Body Treatment 1.7oz

Stemulation Rescue Repair Hand & Body Treatment 1.7oz

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Stemulation Rescue Repair Hand & Body Treatment 1.7oz

Product Description

Rescue Repair Hand & Body Treatment combines advanced technology with proven age-defying ingredients to replenish the essential antioxidants and peptides your body needs for younger skin. Rescue Repair is designed to restore and renew areas of the hands, feet, knees, elbows and décolletage troubled with age spots, extreme dryness, loose skin and calluses. Our powerful formulation will ensure that even the most problematic of skin conditions will be alleviated.

Visible reduction in dryness and inflamation
Evens out discoloration
Deep hydration of troubled skin
Tighter smoother skin

How to Use It:
Apply Rescue repair to problem areas twice daily as a deep nourishing treatment to relieve, firm and hydrate troubled skin.

Use Stemulation products together for maximum results!

Everything in your body slows down with age including the regeneration of skin cells. Our products were designed to mimic this natural process so when you age, your skin doesn’t have to. Through daily use of our luxury skin care line, you’re body will produce new healthy skin cells to reduce the signs of aging and help you stay radiant day and night!

Our products have been proven to:
• Reduce surface wrinkles
• Eliminate sunspots
• Tighten Skin
• Smooth fine lines

Designed to work together! Use our products in unison for maximum results.