Sigma SigMagic Scrub

Sigma SigMagic Scrub

Item#: sigma_sigmagic_scrub
Achieve a quick and total clean with the 2-in-1 power of this solid brush cleanser and silicone texture. Outperforming instant brush sprays that only remove surface-level makeup residue and bacteria, the all-natural cleanser dissolves tough pigment and foundation stains while the silicone texture penetrates brush bristles to scrub it all away.

Product Description

Product Description:

Experience swift and thorough cleansing, courtesy of this 2-in-1 powerhouse, combining a solid brush cleanser and silicone texture. Surpassing the limitations of conventional brush sprays, which merely address superficial makeup remnants and bacteria, this all-natural cleanser boasts the ability to dissolve stubborn pigment and foundation stains. Simultaneously, the silicone texture delves deep into brush bristles, ensuring a comprehensive scrubbing action that leaves no residue behind.

Function: Remove makeup residue + bacteria
Unique Feature: Compact silicone texture + cleanser
Recommended Use: Secure suction cups in sink. Swirl wet brush on texture to lather. Rinse well with warm water. Repeat as needed.

Additional Info:

  • Great for dense foundation brushes
  • Perfect for travel
  • Antimicrobial + Hypoallergenic
  • Features firm-hold suction cups
  • Vented lid allows product to stay dry and germ-free
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria up to 2 weeks after use
  • Once the solid cleanser in SigMagic™ Scrub runs out, reuse the silicone texture as a cleansing tool with SIGMAGIC® BRUSHAMPOO™ LIQUID or FOAM

Formulated without: Fragrance, Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates

Since SigMagic™ Scrub is free of preservatives, natural oxidation may occur over time. Discoloration does not affect the quality, effectiveness or safety of the product.

Contains 30% or more of soap, Cocoa Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Elaeis Fruit (Palm) Oil, Aqua (Water), Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide.

How To Use: Secure the SigMagic™ Scrub into your sink with the firm-hold suction cups. Wet your brush head and gently scrub it against the solid cleansing formula and silicone texture to create a lather. Rinse the brush head under warm water and repeat until water runs clean.