Rhonda Allison Omega 6 EFA .33oz

Rhonda Allison Omega 6 EFA 0.33oz / 10ml (New Name - Pure Omega)

Item#: RA-K23

Omega 6 EFA is non-irritating and resists the growth of bacteria; helps to increase skin thickness and slow down aging.

Product Description

Product Description

Formerly named - Omega 6 EFA

Due to its absorbency, valuable nutritional and moisturizing benefits are achieved deep within the skin tissue. Since it will permeate the skin barrier, it is essential in assisting the penetration of other active ingredients such as antioxidants and antifungal ingredients. 

For all skin types

How to Use

May be applied to skin morning and night after thorough cleansing and is benefi cial with other nutrients and moisturizers. Use regularly when the skin is in a state of peeling and healing. Use as an additional body nutrient for additional moisture and healing – excellent for babies that suffer diaper rash.

Key Ingredient:

Omega 6 EFA (Linoleic Acid and Oleic Acid)