Rhonda Allison RA IllumiColour Natural Mineral Creme

Rhonda Allison RA IllumiColour Natural Mineral Creme

Item#: rhonda_allison_natural_mineral_creme-Delight
With a natural synergy that leaves skin luminous and glowing, Natural Mineral Crème provides an elegant base with antioxidant support, re-youthing benefits and much needed hydration while presenting the perfect balance of cover and color for a flawless finish to any daily skin care regimen.

Product Description

Product Description:

Introducing Rhonda Allison's RA IllumiColour Natural Mineral Crème, designed to bestow a radiant glow that harmonizes skin tone, offering a renewed complexion with coverage and intensive hydration to enrich skin health. Formulated with a harmonious blend, this Natural Mineral Crème illuminates the skin, imparting a luminous and radiant appearance. It serves as a refined foundation, providing antioxidant protection, rejuvenating effects, and essential hydration, achieving the ideal equilibrium of coverage and color for a flawless finish in your daily skincare routine.

Available in seven different colors:

  • Delight - skins with a fair neutral/pink undertone
  • Wisp - skins with a lighter pink undertone
  • Joy - skins with a fair warm/golden undertone
  • Bliss - skins with a lighter golden undertone
  • Enlighten - skins with a neutral warm undertone
  • Muse - skins with a medium warm undertone
  • Moonlight - skins with a darker ebony undertone

How To Use:

Apply evenly over face and neck after AM skin care regimen. Allow time for mineral color to set on your skin and then apply a second layer if more coverage is desired. Be sure to blend and smooth evenly into skin. May apply with brush for wet application. Finish with RA IllumiColour Mineral Powder and/or mist Cucumber Spritz over top for an excellent final touch.

Key Ingredients:

  • Oleic Acid
  • Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil
  • Colostrum
  • Tocopherol (D-Alpha)
  • Zinc Oxide