Rhonda Allison IllumiColour Brush

Rhonda Allison IllumiColour Brush

Item#: rhonda_allison_Illumicolour_brush

This amazingly soft and wonderful, flat top mineral powder brush will effortlessly assist you in the application of your favorite mineral powder make up every day.

Product Description

Product Description:

This brand new make up accessory to hit the streets from Skincare by Alana is the hot, alluring new Rhonda Allison IllumiColour Brush. Always keep this awesome mineral powder make up brush handy for your usual morning make over before heading into the office, afternoon touch ups when you need your look to be on point, or nighttime glamorizing before hitting the town with your crew. Anytime you use this mineral powder brush, you will be looking and feeling like a super star.

Skin Types:

This brush can be used on any and every skin tone and any and every skin type including those with acne or other skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, and it is a true make up artist must have for every savvy woman’s make up kit. 


The brushes smooth, black handle is wide and easy to grip, while it’s bristles are soft and gentle against your skin. This amazing brush can hold your mineral powder make up without clumping the powder and without making a mess with the powder the way most brushes will do. This Rhonda Allison IllumiColour powder brush can be paired with any brand or color of mineral powder make up that you currently use or you can pair it with any of the great mineral powder products that Skincare by Alana offers.


How To Use:

Just use the great new Rhonda Allison IllumiColour Brush to apply your mineral powder daily in a soft circular motion for a gloriously smooth, perfectly blended and beautifully flawless look that will look perfect for any and every occasion you have.