Rhonda Allison C Peptide Complex 0.5oz / 15ml

Rhonda Allison C Peptide Complex 0.5oz / 15ml

Item#: RA-R85

Rhonda Allison C Peptide Complex, also known as Super C Serum, protects your skin from damage by free radicals, providing you with a flawless complexion. Collagen boosters and L-Ascorbic Acid work together to promote your skin's health and beauty.

Product Description

Product Description:

The Rhonda Allison C Peptide Complex, which is also known as the Super C Serum, works to protect your skin against harsh free-radical damage in order to provide a more healthier and flawless complexion. The complex includes a powerful blend of L-Ascorbic Acid, as well as a potent blend of a collagen boosting peptide. The benefits of these blends include skin rejuvenating qualities and added support and protection against skin damage. This complex also serves the skin a healthy dose of Vitamin C for proper nutrition. All of these ingredients and blends result in a strengthening of skin tissue, increased collagen production and increased protection against free-radical damage. All of this, therefore, leads to a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, as well as dark spots and dehydration.

Main Benefits:

  • Includes a powerful blend of L-Ascorbic Acid.
  • Includes a potent blend of collagen boosting peptide.
  • Works to protect skin against free-radical damage.
  • Helps prevent early signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Increases collagen production.
  • Includes Vitamin C for proper skin nourishment.
  • Strengthens skin tissue.
  • Leaves skin looking and feeling more youthful and healthy.

Recommended Skin Types:

The Rhonda Allison C Peptide Complex is recommended for all skin types.

How To Use:

To apply the Rhonda Allison C Peptide Complex, first thoroughly cleanse your skin. After cleansing your skin, apply about 3 drops of the product onto your skin and continue to massage the complex into the skin until it is completely absorbed. This product should be applied twice daily for the best results. 

Main Ingredients:

Water, Witch Hazel Water, L-Ascorbic Acid, Glycerin, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Palmitoyl Tripeptide 3, Lemon Peel Oil, Sweet Orange Oil, Lecithin, Xantan Gum, D- Beta Fructan

Moisturizer and Daytime Defense SPF30 may be used after C-Peptide Complex has absorbed into the skin!

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