Rhonda Allison Travel Kit - Athlete on the Go

Rhonda Allison Travel Kit - Athlete on the Go

Item#: ra_travel_kit_athlete_on_the_go
This lifestyle-friendly travel system is perfect for athletes on the go! Keep skin cleansed, protected and hydrated no matter where you are. Throw in your backpack or gym bag for fast maintenance on oily, sweaty skin after a hard workout or long day at school to keep skin healthy-looking and clear.

Product Description

Product Description:

Tailored for the active lifestyle, this travel kit is an ideal companion for athletes on the move. Designed to keep your skin cleansed, protected, and hydrated wherever your adventures take you, it's the perfect addition to your backpack or gym bag. Offering quick maintenance for oily, sweaty skin post-workout or after a hectic day at school, this kit ensures your skin remains healthy-looking and clear, no matter the circumstances.

This kit includes:

All Purpose Tonic Pads 30ct
Hyaluronic Tonic - 1oz / 30ml
Hydrating Relief Serum - 0.33oz / 10ml
Zinc Relief - 1oz / 30ml

How To Use:

Post Workout – Cleanse skin with All Purpose Tonic Pads. For drier skin, dilute pad with a little water before swiping over skin. Spritz skin with Hyaluronic Tonic, let product absorb into skin. Finish with 1-2 pumps Hydrating Relief Serum and/or Zinc Relief, depending on amount of hydration needed.