Rhonda Allison Replenish + Hydrate Duo

Rhonda Allison Replenish + Hydrate Duo

Item#: ra_replenish_hydrate_duo

Rhonda Allison Replenish + Hydrate Duo mitigates inflammation and redness, improves barrier function, protects from environmental aggressors and leaves skin strengthened, renewed and restored.

Product Description

Product Description:

In pursuit of tangible transformation for rosacea-afflicted skin? Engage in replenishment and hydration with the potent fusion of vitamin A, plant stem cells, intricate peptides, and enriching antioxidant reinforcement. This formidable duo combats inflammation and redness, enhances barrier functionality, shields against environmental assailants, and fosters skin that emerges fortified, revitalized, and rejuvenated.

This kit includes:

  • SynErgy A+ - 1oz / 30ml
  • Organic Antiox Infusion - 0.5oz / 15ml