Rhonda Allison RedMethod Ultimate Shave Kit

Rhonda Allison Ultimate Shave Kit

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Welcome to the REDMethod Shave Experience! Rhonda Allison's Shaving Method uses the long standing art of the great tradition of the wet shave.

Product Description

Product Description

Looking for a kit to gift the man in your life? Meet the Rhonda Allison RedMethod Ultimate Shave Kit. This present-worthy kit contains all the necessities for him to have a close shave and smooth complexion. Not only will you love the results, but he will too! Thanks to the luxurious ingredients in the shaving cream, and top-notch, branded pre-and-post oil. 

To give you a deeper scoop into what’s included in the kit, let’s break it down below: 

  • Pre-and-Post Shave Oil 0.5oz / 15ml: This is to help maximize great shaving results. It’s an all-natural, light-weight oil that will help ease skin nicks. Plus, it can be used before shaving to help create a closer shave and after a shave to reduce irritation. 
  • Shave Gel 2oz / 60ml: Made with gentle, hydrating Aloe Vera, this shave gel will help to soothe the skin while smoothing the facial hair. Meant to be whipped up in a cup or a shaving dish with a shave brush for best results. 
  • Shaving Bowl
  • Badger Brush