Prana SpaCeuticals Lash Clean and Condition 4oz

Prana SpaCeuticals Lash Clean and Condition 4oz

Item#: prana_lash_condition

Gently remove stubborn eye makeup with Lash Clean & Condition. Premium Organic Argan Oil is a superior emulsion that contains special nutrients to restore frail lashes.

Product Description

Conditions / Recommendations:

  • Removes stubborn, pigment rich eye and lip makeup
  • Hydrating botanical ingredients
  • Nourishes delicate eye area
  • Gently removes makeup without harsh ingredients
  • Increases strength and vitality of lashes
  • Easy on hypersensitive eyes

Directions for Home Use:

Apply solution to cotton pad or soft tissue. Wipe gently with downward movements across upper eye lid and down lashes. Then gently sweep along lash lines.

Professional Tip: Use in in tandem with eye pads during masque treatment.

Active Ingredients:

Argan Oil- Dual powered emollient cleaning with nutrient enhanced oil; High in Vitamin E, antioxidants and Essential Fatty Acids to nourish skin and lock in moisture; gives skin soft and supple texture

Kokum Butter- Aid in cell oxygenation; Support elasticity; Help regenerate worn skin cells

Shea Butter- Contains vitamins A, E and F and phytosterols which provide its moisturizing and regenerating properties

Vitamin B5- accelerates healing by feeding oxygen to the red blood cells; provides tissue repair